Our history

One of the first companies in Mediterranean aquaculture with more then 40 years of experience…

The beginning of our story dates all the way back to 1979, the year of the founding of Cenmar and the first commercial sea bass farm in Lamjana Bay on the island of Ugljan, making us the pioneers of Mediterranean aquaculture:


Cromaris sea bass receives Crystal Taste Award

Cromaris sea bass received in June 2020 the maximum three golden stars for its exceptional taste, thus becoming the only fresh fish category product to receive the Crystal Taste Award (Superior Taste Award 2020) for three golden stars in three years in a row.


Launch of the new MAP products range

In February 2020, we launched the new range of MAP products in PET recyclable packaging


Smoked fillets in the new package design

In September 2020, we launched the smoked fillets in the new redesigned packaging, completing the new Cromaris premium packaged products range.


Cromaris 100% ASC Certified

In September 2019, we became the only company in the industry to have all of its farms and commercial species ASC  certified


Fresh SKIN fillets launch

The launch of new premium fresh fillets range in the innovative SKIN packaging


Cromaris is BRC certified

As a result of pursuing a consistent strategy based solely on the highest product quality and freshness, we were awarded a new certificate to be added to the numerous ones we already owned – the BRC certificate that guarantees quality and safety of our products.


Two new farms Kudica & Žman are opened

Production was started at two new farms – Kudica and Žman. The Kudica farm is situated along one of the ten islands that surround the island of Iž, while Žman farm is located along the uninhabited part of Dugi otok, between Luka and Žman.


Opened Nutritional centre

In beginning of 2017 we’ve opened Nutritional center  that had been preceded by years of hard work and perfecting of the fish feed recipe (desired nutritional composition of the fish, selection of sustainable raw materials as well as trial farming) that resulted in Cromaris fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids and a positive ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids above industry average


Opening of the new Hatchery

In September 2015, on the position of our old hatchery we opened one of  the most modern facilities for sea bass and seabream spawning in Europe.


SAP implementation

In cooperation with SAP, Cromaris was the first in the world to develop and implement a SAP module adapted specially for the management of aquaculture systems


The first record-breaking year!

In 2014, the annual production of Cromaris for the first time exceeded 5,000 t WFE.


First Cromaris TV camapign

Cromaris launched its first TV campaign with the TVC “Fisherman and the dolphin”


Start of Cromaris BIO products sales

We are starting sales of Cromaris BIO products.


New Species launched

Along with sea bass and seabream, Cromaris introduced a new species of native Adriatic white fish Meagre


Foundation of Cromaris

The merger of Cenmar, Marimirna Rovinj, Marikultura Istra and Bisage-Nit resulted in the foundation of Cromaris d.d., operating as part of Adris Group.


Adris acquires four companies

Adris acquires companies: Cenmar, Marimirna Rovinj, Marikultura Istra and Bisage-Nit


Foundation of Marimirna Rovinj

Foundation of Marimirna Rovinj marks the beginning of mariculture in Istria


Opened first hatchery in Cenmar

Cenmar opened sea bass and seabream hatchery in Nin


Beginning of Our Story

The beginning of our story dates all the way back to 1979, the year of the foundation of Cenmar and when the first in the world cage of sea bass was put in the sea.

First commercial sea bass farm was located in Lamjana Bay on the island of Ugljan, making us the pioneers of Mediterranean aquaculture.