Cromaris Products Receive the Most Prestigious Worldwide Recognition for Quality


Cromaris, has received recognition for the top quality of its products for yet another year in a row (the Superior Taste Award). The said award, the most prestigious food and beverages industry award in the world, has been awarded by the International Taste Institute from Brussels since 2005. Cromaris has received the Superior Taste Award 2020 for all three of its tested products: sea bass, sea bream and meagre. Products are blind tested based on their appearance, smell, texture and taste by a jury of judges from the most prestigious European culinary associations, who are kept in the dark about the brand and origin of the product they are testing. Yet again this year, the Cromaris sea bass received the maximum three golden stars for its exceptional taste, thus becoming the only fresh fish category product to receive the Crystal Award. The fact that its sea bream and meagre also received excellent scores for exceptional taste, makes Cromaris the only Mediterranean white fish producer to win the award for sea bass, sea bream and meagre.  “Top quality products are of imperative importance for us. We provide our customers with fish of impeccable freshness and superior nutritional value and taste, which was once again recognized by the jury of experts this year. Today, Cromaris is recognized as a market leader when it comes to quality, as confirmed not only by consumer trust and various certificates, but also by awards such as this one,” stated Cromaris CEO Goran Markulin.  In spite of the global economic crisis in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, Cromaris is doing well. The company sold 1,830 tons during the first quarter of this year, which constitutes a three percent drop relative to the first three months of last year. The majority of its revenue continues to be generated from exports. The company has seen the continuation of the upward trend of its differentiated products, which accounted for 48 percent of sales revenue during the first quarter. It is worth noting that Cromaris continued to dispatch fish to Italy on a daily basis throughout the epidemic, a highly demanding and almost unimaginable feat. Cromaris has been working on the launch of new projects (new recyclable and sustainable packaging, expanding the product range, organic farming…), and on the reorganization of its processing procedures to maintain high growth rates.

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